This book is a collection essays featuring a essays on hip hop and feminism, digital creativity and popular culture.  You can buy it signed from me and on Amazon.     

The book has been reviewed on Amazon. If you enjoyed it, please leave a review. Comments are always appreciated.


@Mychal is super supportive and an artist in their own right!

One of the essays in the book is about Black women artists and time travel! It is a very popular essay.

I was so happy when I saw that Wild Fig Coffee and Books ordered a copy of my book. Excellent company to be in.


I was floored when I saw my work next to Ms. Angela Davis. She has inspired me both as an orator and as a scholar.


If you know me and my work you know that Prof. Collins and Prof. hooks are central to my intellectual development. It was nice to see that a young feminist placed me next to them. They are trailblazers.


Niema has been supportive of my work since day one. Her love is a force.



My cousin looks great in a #bgftf t-shirt.

  Last year these wrist bands were featured on Buzz feed and they sold out! I currently have them back in stock, 2/$5. Superhero gear. Purchase here.